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Corporate Picnics in Michigan!

Wiard's Orchards specialty for over 25 years!

Look around you, are your employees doing a good job for your company?  A summer or fall picnic is a great way of saying "Thank You" to them.  Company picnics boost morale while showing appreciation to your staff.  The Wiard's team can take the work off your desk and provide you with an awesome picnic filled with food, games and fun for all.  Give us a call today, Wiard's Orchards, the picnic professionals 734-482-7798.

Located in Washtenaw County Michigan (near Metro Detroit), Wiard’s is a 100-acre orchard with two lovely sites: The larger "Party Barn Site" and the beautiful "Nature Site". Clean indoor restrooms included with each site. Groups have exclusive use of one of the lovely picnic venues for the day. Businesses from Ann Arbor to Wayne County and all over the greater Detroit area host their company picnic event here at Wiard’s location in Washtenaw County, Michigan.


Lately I've Been Thinking...

Looking for a morale booster for your team?  We've got that! Wiard's Orchards offers picnics summer and fall that will provide a good time of relaxation for your group while building the morale of the team.  Getting them out of the office, out of their cubicles and under an apple tree will surely bring renewed energy.  We've got this! Call today 734-482-7798


1. Commit that there will be an employee picnic this summer

2. Set your budget for the picnic event and find out where the funding is coming from

3. Decide who you will invite; employees only, employees plus significant other, employee plus family, etc.

4. Reserve your location; LOCATION IS EVERYTHING! The more flex you have in your date the longer you can wait to reserve your location. If, however, you want a Saturday in the summer set your date EARLY. We suggest the orchard!

If going to a local park find out how early you need to be there to hold your spot. Also if going to a local park arrange rental for tents, tables, chairs, table umbrellas, etc. If your group plans to use the shelter at a local park be sure that you have someone committed to arrive early and be sure that the shelter is clean.

5. Set the date for your picnic. Send out a Save the Date email or paycheck stuffer.

6. Discuss and decide on the menu for your event. Remember there may be vegetarians in your group. Are you going to set up a committee to do the cooking? At Wiard's we do the set up, the cooking and the clean up for you so that all of your employees can enjoy the day.

7. If someone in group is going to do the cooking make arrangements for grills, holding pans, utensils, fuel, grill or charcoal lighters, spices and other items needed.

8. If you are going to use a committee choose the committee members. Will the committee be volunteers or designated by position?

9. Choose a professional coordinator/planner for your event. Take the loads off your desk and put it on mine! Call Wiard’s Orchards picnic professionals 734-482-7798

10. Now is the time to write out your basic plan for entertainment: band, DJ, inflates, sports, games, etc.

11. If you are having sports do you want TEAM sports? If yes begin to set up the teams. At Wiard’s we offer softball, volleyball, horseshoes and basketball for your group, all equipment except ball gloves included.

12. Does your group want any contests at the picnic event? Pie eating, dessert raffle, card games or even hot dog eating contests we have seen them all create a lot of enthusiasm.

13. If your group decides on having contest order any awards/prize that your need about 2-3 months out. Think of items that most anyone will enjoy and add your company log to some of them,

14. If Fundraisers are big in your company the Dunk Tank might be a hit with your group. Pie in the face, the person who makes the largest donation gets to put a pie in the face of the person of their choice. Prearrange a list of willing volunteers for the winner to select a name from.

15. Discuss and decide on the beverages for your event at least one month out. Does your company allow adult beverages? Alcohol can be a draw for your employees, alcohol also adds risks. Are soft drinks provided by your caterer? Is there an additional charge for beverages? What beverages are included in the catering price?

16. One month out send out invitations and begin your information campaign. Get the word out in every way possible. Put the event flier on bulletin boards in the lunch room, offices, etc. Send the date out in emails with details showing food and entertainment. Create a full information flier to go in with the paychecks. Paychecks go home and home is a great place for the employees to have a flier.

17. One month out sign up a volunteer to take photographs at the event.

18. If your budget allows have a photographer come to the event and do family photos. Your employees will appreciate a free family photo!

19. One week before the picnic send out reminders.

20. On the day of the picnic relax and have a good time with your family and team.

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